scar camouflage

Hypo-pigmentation, scars from injury or surgery and vitiligo can all cause pigment changes. The melanocytes in your skin struggle to produce pigment or stop producing altogether.

I use Micropigmentation to implant ink to match the surrounding skin. In some cases, your skin can start producing pigment on it’s own and ink is not needed. Multiple sessions are usually needed to ensure correct color match and blending.

Scar Relaxation is ofter used in conjunction with camouflage. Scars can pull the skin and cause mobility issues. Scar relaxation can release the tissue and improve mobility. This can be especially helpful in burn scars!

Scars in the scalp can also be camouflaged. Scalp micro-pigmentation is a procedure that consists of implanting pigments into the scalp to create the look of real hair follicles. Scars in the scalp are easily covered and blend in with the surrounding hair. Areas with thinning hair can be camouflaged using this technique.

stretch mark camouflage

A stretch mark is a type of scar that develops when the skin stretches or shrinks quickly. The abrupt change causes the collagen and elastin to rupture which can cause stretch marks.

Using needling and camouflage techniques, we can disguise them! Needling helps your body produce more collagen and elastin which will improve the texture of the stretch mark. Camouflage is used to blend the stretch mark in with the surrounding area.

areola repigmentation

Plastic or reconstructive surgery can leave patients with scars around the areola and breasts. I color match each client with a custom color blend to correct color and shape and to ensure the best camouflage result.

Using advanced techniques, I can create a 3D areolas and nipples for clients who have undergone mastectomies and reconstructions. Together, we will discuss the client’s wants and create a custom color blend. Whether it’s matching an already existing areola (unilateral mastectomy) or creating from scratch, my goal is to make sure my clients feel comfortable and leave with an added sense of normalcy.


Due to the uniqueness of each client’s skin and the nature of the process, a consultation is needed before determining price.
Please reach out to me for more information on pricing!