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areola & mastectomy tattooing

Are you a breast cancer survivor looking to reclaim what’s been lost? Do you wish you could add color back to your areola after a reconstructive surgery? Areola tattooing is the solution!

mastectomy tattoo

The road a breast cancer survivor takes is a long and challenging one. I’m passionate about helping women complete their journey with hyper-realistic tattoos that can bring back a sense of self and wholeness.

areola regimentation

Surgery often leaves scars around the areola, breasts and can even affect areola and nipple color. By color matching the existing areola color or choosing a new color you love, we can create the exact look you want!


How long after surgery can I get my Areola/Nipple Tattoos?

Tattooing can only be done after treatment and surgeries have been fully completed. Type of surgery and location of scars will be a big deciding factor in when the skin can be tattooed.

Will I need more than one appointment?

Mastectomy tattooing is done in 2 sessions, 10 weeks apart. Adding color to your areola or camouflaging an areola scar usually take about 2 sessions.

How do you determine color, shape, size, etc?

Part of your consultation will be used for assessing your current shape, any scars you may have and skin tone. This information will all be used to create the best tattoo specifically for you!

How do I take care of the tattoo after my appointment?

I prefer to use bandages (like Tegaderm) that help your body do all the healing. It’s waterproof, yet breathable and holds in all the good healing enzymes. By the time your bandage comes off in 5-7 days, your tattoo should be mostly healed!

Questions? Want to know if you’re a good candidate? Let’s talk!

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to an areola tattoo?


Nipplebacks are Temporary Tattoos for Breast Cancer survivors. Applied just like regular temporary tattoos, they’re the easiest way to see if tattooing is right for you!

want to try nipplebacks?

Choose from a variety of colors and shapes and I’ll place them on you free of charge!