an effortless solution for
scars & mastectomy areola loss

Stop worrying about scars from the past so you 
can live in the moment and conquer your future.

Looking for a way to diminish the appearance of your scar?
Are you ready to complete your reconstruction after a mastectomy? I can help!


I saw Leah for a pigment correction from scars on my feet and legs.  Going in to the appointment I was anxious to see how painful the treatment would be because of nerve damage and neuropathy.  Leah used a numbing cream on my scars and for the tattoo removal which made things surprisingly easy! I was thrilled with her professionalism and ability to help me be comfortable.  She was very compassionate and focused.  She communicated with me through the whole procedure in a comforting way, asking me often my comfort level and to access the pain.  The treatments were VERY fast! I am so happy with the results and still have a couple more treatments to go! See Leah! She is your girl!!! 


Leah is the best! I have two scars from surgeries in my past that I don’t love that she is in the process of helping me with. Her space is so bright and very clean. She’s been wonderfully professional and communicates with me regularly checking in to see how the healing is going. Can’t recommend her enough!



Hi! I’m Leah! With a background in Fine Art, I’ve always found great joy in the ability to create. In hopes of using my artistic eye and desire to help people, I discovered Medical Tattooing and was hooked! I’ve since been trained by some of the best in the business, including Stacie-Rae Weir, the expert in Mastectomy Tattooing. 

I believe that medical tattooing is 80% emotional healing and have been blessed to witness that healing take place. Everyone deserves to feel complete regardless of experience or past trauma. If you’re curious about whether or not Medical Tattooing can help you, let’s talk! I’d love to meet you!


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